Balloon Pricing

Halloween Special 
Boo-Gram Balloons
Our Halloween Boo-Grams are $75..  We have many designs to choose from.  Please click here to place an order. 

Dimensions:  3ft (h) x 4ft (w)

Standard Balloon Garland

6ft Minimum:  $150

Balloon sizes ranges from 5"-16" 



$25/ft after 6ft

Custom Balloon Garland

6ft Minimum:  $180

Balloon Sizes Range From 5'-16'



$30/ft after 6ft

Balloon Marquee/Garland Combo

7ft Long Garland + Marquee

6-7ft (h) x 4ft

Includes Number Balloon and Mylar



Micro Balloon Wall

7ft x 4ft

Includes Happy Birthday Banner and 3ft Balloons



Organic Balloon Wall

6ft by 6ft

Includes Happy Birthday Banner, 1 Number Balloon, 3 Additional Speciaty Balloons

*We can also make this free standing.



Custom Balloon Garland On Structure

6.5ft x 6ft

9ft Custom Organic Balloon Garland on Structure.  Also Available in Standard Colors.



Arched Backdrop With Balloons

Includes: 2 Backdrops with Customized Name.  6ft Organic Balloon Garland and a 3ft Cluster.  


*Chairs and Props Available for Rent.



 Organic Balloon Garland Arch

24ft Balloon Garland with Cake Table

*Flowers Available As Add-On.



Custom Balloon Wall On Structure

6.5ft x 6ft

9ft by 6 ft Organic Balloon Wall On Structure.  Includes Customized Acrylic Sign

*Available in Standard Colors 



Delivery and set-up fees applicable.
To place an order for balloons, please email us at: